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Maintaining Seasonal Wellness

by Together Counts PartnerMarch 28, 2012

Spring is nearly here, and I’m sure you’re doing your best to stay healthy and happy as the nicer weather approaches, right? Unfortunately, therein lies the problem. Staying healthy can be quite a chore during the cooler months, when everyone is huddled inside. Especially during the changing of the seasons, colds seem to creep up […]


The Power of Playgroups

by Together Counts PartnerMarch 21, 2012

I honestly believe every new mother should be handed a playgroup’s handout the minute their child is born. Playgroups are much more than just a group of moms and kids hanging out to pass the time, they are a tool for parental survival mode, as well as playful bonding for your kids to plant the […]


Calling All Superheroes!

by Together Counts PartnerMarch 16, 2012

I love it when my three year-old calls me “Wonder Woman.” LOVE. IT. In turn, I MUST call him Robin and his five year-old brother Batman. Baby Ava is Bat Girl. My husband is the Green Lantern, and while he looks nothing like Ryan Reynolds, I find him very handsome after nearly eight years of […]


Meals That Thrill

by Together Counts PartnerMarch 13, 2012

As we see more and more news stories about the obesity problem in America, I am reminded of my recent conversation with one of my regular customers. We were talking about the difficulty of her being a single mom, balancing her job and making sure her child had nutritious meals after school. She asked if […]


Celebrate National Nutrition Month with Healthful Dining, Family-Style

by Together Counts PartnerMarch 8, 2012

With busy work schedules and kids’ multiple after-school activities, it can be difficult to find time to prepare a nutritious dinner and have the family home to eat together around the dinner table. I find I’m always missing an ingredient or two and need to make another trip to the grocery store. And, my two […]


Feeding a Picky Eater

by Together Counts PartnerMarch 6, 2012

My son is a picky eater: he only has a few things he’ll eat and they’re on constant rotation. On any given day he’ll change his mind about what he likes, and it’s nearly impossible to predict! For a long time I was worried about his eating habits, and meal times were stressful for me. […]