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What You Say and How You Say it Counts

by Together Counts PartnerSeptember 25, 2012

It’s well known that parents are the primary influencers on their children’s lives: they teach by modeling things like kindness, social skills and problem solving. They nurture their kids’ interests and strengths and help them cope with life’s challenges. Parents serve as life-long coaches to their children; and, as such, many coaches’ tips for effective […]


Teaching Kids Life Balance

by Together Counts PartnerSeptember 18, 2012

As summer winds down and the new school year starts up many parents are looking for help establishing routines, getting back into the groove and restoring balance to their home. None of this is easy. In my experience, teaching children anything requires many things, but the most important is to lead by example. Teaching children, […]


4 Home School Tips for Every Parent

by Together Counts PartnerSeptember 11, 2012

As a parent who homeschools, a great year starts with a great plan! No matter how your children are educated, the key to a successful year for any child is a prepared and involved parent. While not every family homeschools, these tips below can help parents get back in the full swing of school. Involve […]


Lunchroom Changes Bring Fresh Start to School Year

by Together Counts PartnerSeptember 6, 2012

Where has summer gone? Back-to-school ads are airing, school supplies are stocked on store shelves and we’re back to the regular routine of school buses, homework, after-school activities and packing school lunches. There are few parents who grew up in the United States and don’t have a memory of eating school lunches- good or bad. […]


Childhood Obesity Awareness Month: Get Involved!

by Together Counts PartnerSeptember 4, 2012

Childhood obesity rates in America have nearly tripled over the past 30 years and are projected to rise. What does this mean today? One in three kids in the U.S. suffers from the epidemic. While these statistics are alarming, there are preventative steps we can take to reduce the occurrence (and our children’s waistlines). September […]