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What Energy Balance Means for a Family

by Together Counts PartnerJuly 30, 2013

With my two girls out of school for the summer, we have been finding & creating many activities to fill our days. In some odd way, I am finding that we are actually busier in the summer than the school year. This is where energy balance comes in. As an ambassador for the Together Counts Program, […]


Use Grocery Shopping to Assist in Easy Meal Planning

by Together Counts PartnerJuly 25, 2013

Years ago, the grocery store was just a place where you picked up your food items for the week. Over the last few decades, consumers have become busier and savvier. Grocery stores have responded to this change, evolving into more than just a quick place to stop and instead becoming culinary centers with chef-prepared meals […]


Easing into Exercise Habits

by Together Counts PartnerJuly 23, 2013

For the beginning exerciser, learning how to fit physical activity into our already busy lives can feel overwhelming. As fitness professionals, we need to be creative in helping our clients overcome this barrier and achieve a healthy lifestyle. Very few people wake up one morning and successfully transition from a couch potato to an athlete in a […]


Feeding your Child Athlete

by Together Counts PartnerJuly 18, 2013

Have young athletes in your family? Feeding them requires knowledge and planning. Not only do they need optimal nutrition for fueling and recovery from training, but they must also meet the energy demands of growth and maturation. Help your kids to refuel with a focus on family mealtimes before and after practice and competition. Pre-game […]


Portion Distortion

by Together Counts PartnerJuly 16, 2013

When kids follow dietary recommendations for daily servings, they are well on their way to healthy eating and a healthy weight. Unfortunately, many kids today seem to be suffering from “portion distortion.” When talking about what kids eat or drink, keep these definitions in mind: Serving Size A serving is a specific amount of food […]


Keeping Portions under Control

by Together Counts PartnerJuly 11, 2013

Bagels as big as frisbees! Muffins the size of flower pots! Bowls of pasta so deep, your fork can barely find the bottom! At Camp Shane weight loss camp for kids, we provide portion-controlled meals that are nutritious and tasty, because we recognize that balanced eating for effective weight loss has more to do with quality than quantity. The Truth About […]


Exercise for Children Leads to Healthier Bones in Adults

by Together Counts PartnerJuly 9, 2013

It is well known the regular physical activity among aging adults can maintain bone health and decrease the risk of fractures. A new study presented at the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine’s Specialty Day suggests that physical activity and exercise early in life might be equally important. Bjorn Rosengren, MD, PhD and other researchers performed a […]


Fourth of July Memories

by Together Counts PartnerJuly 3, 2013

Independence Day is one of the most important holidays we celebrate in the United States each year. It’s an essential time to come together, give thanks for our many freedoms and of course celebrate. In fact, July 4th is equally important for many of us because of the fantastic memories we create each year with […]


5 Ways to Get the Family Involved in Summertime Volunteering

by Together Counts PartnerJuly 2, 2013

Summer is here, and with warmer weather comes our favorite, highly anticipated outdoor activities. With a mission to help those in need, and a strong emphasis on health and wellness, The Goulden Touch believes summertime is also the perfect opportunity for families to head outdoors and get active together—all for a good cause! Established in […]