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Limiting Screen Time

by Together Counts PartnerJanuary 31, 2017

During the winter, it can be tough to peel away from the couch and feel inspired to do healthy activities. Oftentimes, weekends and time away from school and work are spent in front of the computer or the television instead of participating in other healthy, active activities. As a Together Counts™ ambassador, we realize that […]


The Time is “Ripe” for Canned Food

by Together Counts PartnerJanuary 26, 2017

By Rich Tavoletti, Executive Director As the executive director of the Canned Food Alliance, it’s my job to tout the many benefits of canned food. And as a partner of the Together Counts™ program for healthy, active living, and someone who enjoys celebrating life’s special moments with family and friends over a good meal, I […]


Celebrating Super Soups

by Together Counts PartnerJanuary 24, 2017

By Liz Weiss, MS, RDN January is National Soup Month! During the cold winter months, there is nothing more comforting than a nourishing bowl of steaming homemade soup. As a partner of the Together Counts™ program for healthy, active living, we at the Canned Food Alliance recognize that healthy eating is essential to an overall […]


Wintertime Activities: Go Ice Skating

by Together Counts PartnerJanuary 19, 2017

I admit it, I am not in love with winter. I catch a chill in November that does not leave until the middle of May. Despite this, I do try to make the best of the cold weather by lacing up our family’s skates and stepping out on the ice. As a partner of the […]


5 Ideas for Exploring Nature with Kids this Winter

by Together Counts PartnerJanuary 17, 2017

In the mid-Atlantic region, we tend to experience a winter of wild temperature fluctuations and snowfall. Most of us would like nothing more this time of year than to snuggle up with a warm drink and a good book or old movie. For me, though, a “snow day” involves entertaining a busy toddler who would […]


Treat Your Family Well – Eating Out for Better Health

by Together Counts PartnerJanuary 12, 2017

The New Year is here and, chances are, it was ushered in with lists of resolutions. If your family’s New Year’s resolutions include health and nutrition-related goals, eating out at restaurants doesn’t have to be thrown by the wayside to achieve them. As a Together Counts™ ambassador, we at Healthy Dining recognize the importance of […]


3 Ways to Get Your Family Cooking for Life in 2017

by Together Counts PartnerJanuary 10, 2017

Every January, millions of Americans resolve to ring in the New Year with healthier, more active lifestyles. Making healthy habits a daily ritual can be difficult, especially without a dedicated support system. Common Threads, a partner of Together Counts and the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, provides hands-on healthy cooking and nutrition programs for kids, parents […]


Introducing the 2017 Together Counts Partner Blogger Series

by Together Counts PartnerJanuary 5, 2017

As the calendar flips to 2017, we are thrilled to announce the continuation of our partner blogger series which focuses on fun and simple ways for families to stay healthy and active throughout the year! In 2016, we teamed up with nine partner ambassadors to produce 30 unique blog entries from across the country. This […]