HWCF companies reduced 6.4 trillion calories from the U.S.

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Getting Teens to the Dinner Table

by Together Counts PartnerJanuary 24, 2012

Studies show there are numerous benefits to sitting down to family dinner with your children. As small children turn into teenagers, the benefits (including better communication, higher grades and lower incident of eating disorders and drug use) become even more critical. But, with school, jobs, friends and the freedom cars can afford, getting teenagers to the […]


Try Something New Together: BMX Family Edition

by Together Counts PartnerDecember 8, 2011

My husband has been trying to warm our daughters to the idea of BMX racing for the last six months. With his motocross background and love of mountain biking, his enthusiasm is easy to understand. What appeals to me, is that BMX is a sport we could all do together as a family. But, as hard as […]


One Mediocre Campground + 40 Years of Family Tradition = Priceless

by Together Counts PartnerNovember 14, 2011

The first year my husband came to my annual family camping trip I remember him being a little disappointed in the whole experience. He didn’t have a bad time, it just did not live up to the expectations I had set by my inability to stop raving about it for months beforehand. I couldn’t understand […]


Together Counts for Family Halloween Costumes

by Together Counts PartnerOctober 20, 2011

As a family of six juggling school activities, church activities, a small business and a lawyer dad’s long hours, we often feel pulled in four different directions at once. Amid the crowded schedules, we desperately try to maintain enough “free time” to enjoy personal interests and quality family time. It’s not an easy task, but opportunities […]