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20 Health-Friendly Tips to Survive the Holidays

by Together Counts Partnernoviembre 21, 2018

By: Kristen Castillo Get a game plan to help you survive the November through January season of abundance. During the holiday season, food temptation is everywhere! From sweet drinks and rich appetizers to bountiful meals and delicious desserts, it’s tough to eat healthy and in proper portions. That’s why you need a game plan to […]


3 Ways to Train for Your Turkey Trot

by Together Counts Partnernoviembre 9, 2018

Are you and your family looking for a fun way to get in some last-minute exercise before gobbling down your Thanksgiving feast? Sign up for your local community’s turkey trot. Most races are a 5K and you can walk or run depending on your pace. This also makes for a great family photo if you […]


The Health Benefits of Pumpkin

by Together Counts Partneroctubre 31, 2018

Pumpkin is one of the stars of fall! Grocery store shelves begin sporting pumpkin chips, pumpkin bread and canned pumpkin. Restaurant menus get dressed with pumpkin risottos, pumpkin raviolis and pumpkin soups. Coffee shops coast to coast starts turning out the much-anticipated pumpkin spice lattes. Pumpkin may bring to mind cakes, cookies, pies and other […]


What Are the Benefits of Sweet Potatoes?

by Together Counts Partneroctubre 19, 2018

Are sweet potatoes a healthier choice? Here’s what our dietitians have to say about one of fall’s favorite foods, the sweet potato. This time of year, we see more and more sweet potatoes showing up in recipes, restaurants and blogs. While they are available year-round, sweet potatoes are technically in season during late fall and […]


3 Ways to Ensure your Family has an Active Fall

by Together Counts Partneroctubre 5, 2018

Whip out those fall jackets and sweaters because it is officially October! The leaves are starting to change and the air is getting a little bit cooler. The change in season is the perfect time for fall family outings in your community. Check out these 3 tips to keep building healthy and fun habits as […]


What are the best fruits for kids?

by Together Counts Partnerseptiembre 28, 2018

The short answer to this question is that all fruits are healthy and good to eat! Most are naturally sweet, low in calories, high in fiber, potassium and vitamin C, and loaded with disease fighting compounds! They can make a quick and easy snack on-the-go, a sweet side dish or a simple and healthy dessert […]


Buckle Up for Back to School!

by Together Counts Partnerseptiembre 7, 2018

Back-to-school can feel like quite the whirlwind. It’s a very exciting time filled with new and fresh starts. Back-to-school also means back to after school activities! Soccer practices and dance classes are suddenly back on the calendar. Incorporate the below tips into your family’s busy routine to stay healthy and active! Check out these tips […]


5 Ways to Make Weight Loss Part of the Back to School Routine

by Together Counts Partneragosto 23, 2018

Summer is fading as back to school gears up, making this a great opportunity to include weight loss as part of the back to school routine. It can be a busy time of year, but with a more regular schedule than often found during the non-routine (for some) summer days, reaching your health goals may […]


Engaging the Community to keep Families Healthy and Active

by Together Counts Partneragosto 16, 2018

Between hectic work schedules, preparing for back to school and striving to hold onto the final weeks of summer, parents have enough challenges facing them this time of the year. Keeping or getting your family on track toward an active healthy lifestyle can seem like a monumental task better left to those super parents who […]


Empowering Kids In The Kitchen

by Together Counts Partneragosto 8, 2018

Eric Meredith, Med, MS, RD, CHES Creator of Health Heroes Comics Getting kids involved in the kitchen can help change behaviors early and empower children to develop good life-long eating habits. Kids who learn how to cook tend to eat more nutritious foods and they’re learning a skill that is very important. In a way, […]