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FREE resources to bring health and wellness to clubs, camps, meetings and more. Fun and flexible, Enrichment Zone helps kids develop an active, healthy lifestyle. Get kids moving everyday using all or part of our new four-module program.

This program was created to be used by non-profit organizations and within their existing curriculum, afterschool programming, community programs or with volunteers. It incorporates and reinforces key curriculum concepts, promotes physical activity and inspires kids to be mindful of their health and wellness.

The activities are designed to be fun, playful and motivational; age-appropriate and inclusive of all skill levels and abilities; and suitable for a range of indoor/outdoor facilities with a range of resources. Although these activities are educational and nutrition- or fitness-oriented, they are more casual than a school lesson plan. Many encourage free-form outdoor play and teach fun games that incorporate physical activity and can be easily replicated at home.

“We are happy to provide the Together Counts Enrichment Zone Curriculum for use by the National AfterSchool Association (NAA) Community. We believe that the curriculum will support after school professionals in the implementation of the NAA HEPA (Healthy Eating and Physical Activity) Standards for Out-of-School Time which will impact the health and wellness of children and youth across the nation.”

-Gina Warner, NAA President and CEO


The Enrichment Zone resources can be used as a full program (45 minute sessions, a few times a week for 4-6 weeks), or by including elements that best fit a student's needs on a given day.

Enrichment Zone Program

The Enrichment Zone resources are divided into three modules with activities for each encompassing decision making and goal setting activities ("Learn Together"), food and nutrition-related activities ("Eat Together"), and physical activities ("Play Together"). The focus is on overall wellness, teaching kids to make healthy decisions that foster healthy habits throughout their lives. Each module is made up of ideas for discussion, activities, and hands-on fun, which should be implemented in the way that best works for your situation.

Activity Baskets

Designed for use by parents and volunteers, these fun games and physical activities will amp up the action at clubs, meetings and other social gatherings. Use along with the modules as suggested, or grab and go to get across the importance of physical activity whenever you are leading a group of kids.

Certificate of Achievement

Scan more than 250 organizations who have a stake in the fight against childhood obesity. Look around your community for a variety of ways to get moving.

Did You Know?

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Enrichment Zone

New Enrichment Zone
Module for grades 6-8!

Designed to be as flexible as possible for use in a range of community programs, or at home, they may be used to reinforce concepts learned during the school day or as stand-alone lessons and activities.

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