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Educator Support Resources

Identify strategies for integrating healthy decision-making and healthful practices into our classroom. Access resources to empower you to help your students lead healthy and active lifestyles. Explore how to implement the Together Counts™ curriculum into your classroom.


Curriculum Overview

Introduction to the Together Counts curriculum and a brief look at how to implement it in the classroom.

Curriculum PPT Curriculum Outline

What Is Wellness?

Explore the Nutrient Detective lesson and focus on the key elements of healthy eating patterns.

Sample Lesson PPT

Training Activities

Looking to share the Together Counts program with a larger group of educators? This PPT includes everything you need for your in-person presentation.

Training PPT Activities Outline Script & Worksheets

Tips for implementing Together Counts in your classroom

Work as a team!

The Together Counts Curriculum has the greatest success if the school community gets involved. Communicate to your team to incorporate Together Counts in their classrooms too.

Be creative!

The curriculum can be used as individual lessons, or as a whole. The lessons were designed to be flexible; you can see where each fits into your daily lesson.

Challenge your students!

Create goals as a class and challenge your students to achieve these goals. They will feel accomplished reaching their goals and leading a healthier life.

Put the students in charge!

Empower your students to come up with ideas of how they want to include healthy decisions in the classroom and at home.

Communicate with parents!

By informing the parents about Together Counts and the at home curriculum you are setting your students up for success.

Join in!

By joining in on the activities with your students, they will be more inclined to participate themselves. Plus, you too may learn something new along the way.

Pre-K Teacher Training Module

Now Available from Penn State Better Kid Care

  • Learn about wellness for preschoolers, how to integrate Smart from the Start lessons into existing curricula and identify parent engagement ideas for implementation.
  • Eligible for CEU’s, accepted for CDA