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Pre-K Through Grade 5 Wellness Tools

Together Counts™ teacher and parent resources are ideal tools for home school educators looking for health and wellness lesson plans, interactives, videos, community extensions and more.

Together Counts curriculum and related materials are award winning and highly viable for engaging even the youngest learners. Available in Spanish and adaptable to YOUR pace and program, you’ll find the lessons are a valued addition to your teacher tool box.

Downloadable Health & Wellness Curriculum

Find out how balancing physical activity and a healthful lifestyle can lead the way for lifelong health and wellness.

Parent Tips & Tools

More Fun. Less Frantic.

Read our blog, peruse articles and download tips! Find out how families all over the U.S. incorporate healthy habits into their daily lives. Get ideas for fun outdoor activities and family meals and learn how to make small changes in routines to get active together. Fun and not frantic.

Partner Resources

Scan more than 250 organizations who have a stake in the fight against childhood obesity. Look around your community for a variety of ways to get moving.

Join the Conversation

Set the example. Your kids mimic your actions & behaviors. Make an effort to get active daily & they will do the say?  View

Enrichment Zone

New Enrichment Zone
Module for grades 6-8!

Designed to be as flexible as possible for use in a range of community programs, or at home, they may be used to reinforce concepts learned during the school day or as stand-alone lessons and activities.

Download Middle School Program