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Free Lessons

Free lessons designed to provide parents and educators with age-appropriate resources to teach the importance of healthy decisions to create healthy habits.

Smart From the Start curriculum is a custom program designed to teach children the skills they need to make healthy choices about eating and physical activity. Created to fit within your preschool’s existing curriculum, two thematic units – Me and My Choices and Give it a Try! – are organized into 10 days of flexible activities. Days are non-sequential and can be taught individually or as a larger unit.

Use the grab-and-go activities to teach your students to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. Also available here in Spanish.

Me and My Choices

Focuses on what is unique and special about students and how they can make healthy choices related to nutrition and physical activity.

Give it a Try

Encourages children to explore a variety of foods and engage in diverse activities as they learn about the benefits of trying new things.

Enrichment Zone

Pick and play Pre-K activities creatively deliver Smart From The Start in any setting. Especially created for caregivers and parents to help teach core healthy habits and get kids moving.