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Early Childhood Education: The Power of Play in Physical Education

by Together Counts PartnerMay 23, 2017

School is not strictly about academic development, particularly when it comes to early childhood education. Numeracy and literacy are key, but so too is the moral, social and emotional development that can come through casual interactions with fellow students and teachers. Playtime is the perfect opportunity to foster this development, and what better place to […]


Field Day Dos and Don’ts

by Together Counts PartnerMay 18, 2017

Around this time of year all over the world schools are beginning to plan a Field Day for their students. When done well, Field Days can be an active and fun time for everyone.  As a partner of the Together Counts™ program for healthy, active living, we wanted to share a few tips for parents […]


Preparing Your Child for Tryouts or Auditions

by Together Counts PartnerApril 25, 2017

  The trend toward specialization and heightened competition in kid’s activities has significantly increased the likelihood your child will be expected to participate in a tryout or an audition. This is true if your child’s passion is soccer, dance, drama, swimming or virtually any other sport or activity. Kids are expected to endure the pressures of these […]


Engaging Youth in After-School Programming

by Together Counts PartnerApril 6, 2017

The most critical part of a child’s day begins after the final bell rings. Nevertheless, engaging them in physical activity on their own is not always easy. In partnership with the Together Counts™ program, the U.S. Soccer Foundation is committed to helping young people embrace an active and healthy lifestyle. Our programs, including Soccer for […]


5 Reasons to Take Your PE Class Outside

by Together Counts PartnerDecember 1, 2016

Kids, on average, don’t play outside as much as their parents did. Children spend more than six hours every day on screens, from televisions to tablets. Even school settings offer more screen learning than even a decade ago. All of that technology has its place and purpose, but as a partner of the Together Counts™ […]


School Garden

by Together Counts PartnerOctober 25, 2016

Transform a schoolyard space to a garden! As a Together Counts™ partner, we realize that a school garden is a wonderful way for students to physically connect with nutrition education, understand the process of growing healthy foods and recognize environmental stewardship. Here are some steps to starting and maintaining a school garden: Gain encouragement from […]


Soccer for Success National Training

by Together Counts PartnerJuly 19, 2016

On the field, coaches play an important role in a child’s development. From teaching game fundamentals to life lessons, children look to their coaches for guidance. At the same time, coaching a healthy and active lifestyle goes beyond the field. It takes the support of families to get active and inspire healthy living. With resources […]


Active Kids and Schools Earn Awards with Fire Up Your Feet!

by Together Counts PartnerJuly 7, 2016

Walking is one of the best things kids can do for their health, emotional well-being, and academic success. Yet between 1969 and 2009, the number of kids walking to school dropped from 48 percent to just 13 percent. During the same time period, childhood obesity tripled and traffic congestion grew around schools, negatively affecting air […]


More than just Bandages

by Together Counts PartnerJune 14, 2016

“School nurses are the face of health care in school for the 50 million students in our schools.  School nurses make a difference in the lives of children every day” states Beth Mattey, NASN President. School nurses may be known for bandage and booboo care, but there is so much more to what we do.  […]


Learning by Doing

by Together Counts PartnerMay 12, 2016

Children living at three times the national poverty rate with limited access to nutritious foods or exposure to healthy behaviors, have long found sanctuary at their local Boys & Girls Clubs. Danielle Morris, Director, Nutrition, Health & Wellness for Boys & Girls Club of America (BGCA), explains that, nationwide, most of its nearly 4 million […]