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Teaching Kids about Balance

by Together Counts PartnerOctober 23, 2014

Being a Together Counts™ Ambassador has inspired me to continually look for ways to actively involve my children in living a balanced lifestyle. One way to inspire children to make wholesome choices is to involve them in the process of selecting and cooking their own food. With the busy lives we all lead, it is […]


5 Ways to Play This Summer

by Together Counts PartnerJuly 3, 2014

Nothing feels better then ending a beautiful summer day with the feeling of having spent quality time outdoors. There is something about engaging in play that brings us back to a time when the days stretched on and summers felt long. Play is defined as “engaging in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious […]


Yoga with Children

by Together Counts PartnerJune 10, 2014

Yoga is a sanskrit word that means “union”—union of mind, body, and soul. Not only does Yoga have wonderful physical benefits, it can also help calm the mind, and soothe the soul. As a Together Counts™ Ambassador, my family and I have had a blast exploring ways to get active and the benefits various activities […]


Embracing Childrens’ Curiosity Towards Play

by Together Counts PartnerApril 24, 2014

Children have a natural instinct to play. It is evident in their early smiles, their giggles when we are silly, and their first games of peek-a-boo. As parents, we can harness this natural inclination that our children have to play and help them to grow into happy, active, and confident people. It can be easy […]