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Get Crafty This St. Patrick’s Day

One of the tricks I use to get my kids involved in family dinners is to have them make crafts for special occasions. St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect holiday to bring out the green galore and get them involved in the fun. Even if you aren’t planning a big family meal on St. Patrick’s Day, you can still make these easy napkin rings with your kids for a fun afternoon project.

As an ambassador for The Together CountsTM program, I’ve spent even more time focusing on family meals, and these fun napkin rings are the perfect way to get the kids involved and have together time around the table. Follow these simple instructions below to make this fun holiday craft.

St. Patrick’s Day Napkin Rings


You will need some green chenille stems and green, orange and gold pony beads. I like using chenille stems because it’s easy for even tiny hands to bead with. They stay stiff and the chenille stops the beads from flying everywhere.


1) String the beads randomly or in a pattern on the chenille stems.

2) Once your stems are beaded, take one end and fed it through the bead on the other end of the stem.

3) Next take the other end of the stem and thread it through the first bead on the stem.

4) Twist the remaining around the ring.

5) Voila

If you only have a few beads, make a circle with your stem and twist it to size. Then wrap the remaining stem around it nicely. It’s simple! These easy-to-do crafts add a touch of creative flair to family moments and can be used to decorate for different holidays throughout the year. Start a family tradition that will keep your kids coming back for more family time.

Do you have creative projects your family enjoys? Share with us in the comments!

Allison has been teaching various audiences since 1993. After having her first son she decided to share her love of teaching through the world of blogging and started the site No Time for Flash Cards. Her site is meant to inspire parents with creative ideas to bring the classroom into their own home. 

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