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Healthy Holidays? #HoHoHo

The holidays and healthy don’t always seem to go together. Often times folks are focused on being healthy in the new year. Why not kick things off now and incorporate a few healthy tips into the weeks leading up to the indulgent year-end festivities?

In the spirit of the season here are four ideas for incorporating healthy and fun habits as a family this holiday season.

1. Since December brings more trips to the grocery store, it is a great time to incorporate meal prepping. Try loading your cart with healthy frozen side dishes like green beans, asparagus or carrots. These are quick, easy and delicious to add to any meal throughout the month.
2. Theme meals with extended family and friends around holiday traditions; for example have a tree trimming tea party, a caroling cook off, a Kwanzaa crock “pot luck,” or a dreidel dessert competition . No matter the holiday you and yours celebrate this time of year, include a variety of healthy foods that may foster new traditions.
3. Bundle up and go outside as a family! Winter brings fun new outdoor activities like sledding and ice skating. This is also the best time of year to take a walk together to see all the festive decorations.
4. It’s a special time of year! Enjoy making cookies and treats with your family but continue to talk about portion control and moderation.

For additional tips on living a healthy and active lifestyle this holiday season, visit the Together Counts™ blog and follow the Together Counts program on Facebook and Twitter.

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