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Stepping Outside Our Routine for Mother’s Day

As moms, we’re often running from one place to the next. There’s work, school, after-school activities, errands, and countless other places from which we go back and forth. With such a busy routine, it’s often difficult to find a way to spend quality time as a family outside the car. That’s something I love about celebrating holidays like Mother’s Day – it’s a great opportunity to let go of the everyday rush and enjoy our families, something the Together CountsTM program fully supports.

My Mother’s Day celebrations so far have been relaxing. Mother’s Day usually begins for me with a nice breakfast my husband and kids put together. They know I’m not usually one to eat a large breakfast, so they typically make a smaller breakfast full of food I like: fruits, muffins, and even chocolate milk. It’s nice to enjoy an actual breakfast together at the table, since during the week, my husband leaves for work before the kids eat breakfast and I’m usually preparing my daughter’s lunch while they eat. So, sitting together as a family for breakfast is definitely a nice treat.

After a wonderful breakfast, we tend to keep with the relaxing theme and typically just spend the day together as a family, including a visit with my own mom. Sometimes we take a little trip to the park to walk around the lake and let the kids play on the playground. Once we went to the beach and brought my mom along with us. Other times, we’ve just played with the kids outside in my mom’s backyard and enjoyed the nice Florida weather we typically have in May. The point is to enjoy our time together as a family doing something outside our normal routine.

How do you typically spend your Mother’s Day?

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