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Weekend Breakfast Nourishment

On weekday mornings, my kids and I hardly have time to say goodbye and give each other a kiss on the cheek as we rush to school and work. But weekends are a different story. That’s when we unwind and reconnect. Dinner is so often the focus for family meals that it’s easy to forget the prime opportunity the weekend provides for a full family breakfast.

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Each Saturday morning I’m awakened by the smell of fresh biscuits and bacon. I don’t know why my wife started cooking this for breakfast each week, but Saturdays wouldn’t seem right without it. She carefully doles out the portions to ensure everyone receives his or her proper amount: Daddy gets two biscuits and three pieces of bacon; Mommy gets two biscuits and two pieces of bacon; and each child gets one biscuit and one piece of bacon. Inevitably someone tries to pilfer someone else’s bacon, but the culprit is quickly apprehended (I don’t know how they catch me every time). After breakfast, Saturday is usually filled with sports, errands or other family activities and, before we know it, the weekend is nearly over….but we still have Sunday.

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Sundays are when we can really slow down and relax. After church, we come home and make a big family breakfast. My kids love breakfast. In fact, they would eat breakfast for every meal if I allowed it. One of their favorite breakfasts is waffles. When I tell them we’re making waffles, I receive a round of cheers and a few nominations for “Best Dad Ever.” As much as my kids enjoy eating waffles, they also enjoy making them. That’s why I like to take the advice from Together CountsTM and get the whole family involved in the cooking process. My nine-year old son is responsible for gathering and measuring the ingredients. My five-year old son mixes them and my 11 year old daughter pours the batter into the waffle iron to cook. Meanwhile, my wife and I are making bacon, coffee and slicing fruit.

After the meal is cooked, we sit at the table and talk. Sunday breakfast not only allows us to be nourished physically, but spiritually as well. The kids are always rejuvenated afterwards and my wife and I are satisfied in knowing that we were able to impart important values in a warm and relaxed environment.

What moments do you most cherish with your family? Share them in the comments below.

Fred Goodall, a Together Counts blogger ambassador, contributed this post. When Fred is not out spending time with his family you can find him writing on his personal blog, Mocha Dad. Fred started his blog in 2008 to chronicle his life as a father of three children and to share the different family values he hopes to pass down to his children. Outside of blogging, Fred enjoys music, photography and surfing the web.

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