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Gifts that Inspire Physical Fitness

Looking back on my holidays over the years, I realize now that part of the reason for my interest in staying so active since a child was the thought my parents put into my gifts, each year incorporating at least one that encouraged me to try a new sport or get outside and play. If you’re searching for the perfect gift for your children this holiday season, consider the Together CountsTM program’s advice and find ones that encourages physical activity and gets the family involved.

Look To Your Community

Your local community center likely has resources to help you with gift-giving this year. Sign your children up for winter activities, like basketball, or enrolling them in ice skating, gymnastics or dance lessons, to encourage them to try a new winter or spring sport. If your community has a local ice rink or tumbling center, purchase season passes or athletic gear for them to enjoy, especially over the holiday break or on days and nights when the weather is less than enjoyable.

Outdoor Inspiration

Encourage your kids to hit the local snow hill or backyard by giving sleds or new snow gear like boots, coats, snow pants and warm hats and gloves. Consider giving snow shovels or snow toys to build snow forts and snowmen; local stores typically carry snowman paint kits, great for decorating your creations. If your local pond allows community ice-skating, new/used ice skates or ice-skate guards and bag are also great gifts that promote outdoor play.

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New Take on Classic Favorites

While you can’t go wrong with classic sports equipment, consider giving gifts that encourages them to try a new sport or activity. One of my favorite presents as a child was a hockey stick and my sister and brother also received sticks that year. I had never played hockey before, but since my siblings also got sticks, our parents took us to the local ice rink where I got to play with my family and other kids in the neighborhood. My dad also built a simple balance beam from wood since he knew I loved tumbling; a gift I remember using for many years. While it may sound cliché to give kids socks as gifts, many sports require specific socks specific, and running socks are different than everyday-wear socks (something I learned in my young-adult life).

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What gift ideas do you have for promoting physical activity to your kids? Share in the comments below!

Lauren Wisniewski wrote this post for the Together Counts program on behalf of Edelman Digital.

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